Feral Cheryl

When I was at the farm a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a pet feral goat, affectionately known as Feral Cheryl. I found the story of how Cheryl had come to be a much-loved member of the household quite touching and encouraging.

Some visitors to the property had spotted something falling from the sky, and then seen it was a baby goat being dropped by an overhead eagle. They picked it up and took it with them to the homestead. The goat was in a bad way, her throat was slashed and one of her eyes was bulging precariously. It was not expected she would live. The owner of the farm did not have a gun to put her out of her misery, so placed the baby goat in an enclosure where she would be as comfortable as possible until she died.

But the goat refused to die. She clung to life, gradually growing stronger although she had not had any particular care. Eventually the farmer caved and promoted the goat to pet status, complete with the name Cheryl. Feral Cheryl is the cutest, cheekiest little thing you ever saw. Everything she does is with an attention-seeking flourish and flouncy little toss of the head. Seeing her trotting around with her tail quivering is enough to make the most hardened old grump crack a smile. She seems so happy and brings so much joy to the family, it really does seem like she was a miraculous gift and messenger of hope reminding us to hang in there.

Despite having a larger-than-life personality, Cheryl was shy when it came to having her photo taken, which is a shame because her little face is so cute. This picture is the best we could do.

Feral goat
Me, Cheryl and my lovely man

My last post mentioned the feeling of survival pulsing through the earth on that property. When I returned I felt strengthened by the energy of the earth that I had experienced, and inspired by Cheryl’s determination to live. I am hoping I can store this strength in my memory banks for times when I feel hopeless and despairing and like everything is too hard. I don’t have these times as often as I used to. If I feel sentiments like that creeping in I usually give myself an attitude adjustment as quickly as possible before they take hold. But these memories of Cheryl are a good addition to my arsenal of helpful mental images. I can remind myself that Cheryl did it and so can I.

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