Vitamin G Vitamin G

No kidding, one of the most helpful healing things I found to improve my mental and physical health is standing barefoot on the grass. My daily dose of vitamin G. When I started doing this I had grass in my back yard, but as the drought went on the green grass gave way to hard brown ground full of spiky burrs, so I had to go to the local park for my fix. I now have a dedicated ‘grounding patch’ in my back yard where I encourage a small area of grass to grow. I’m pretty sure that for the purposes of grounding you don’t need to stand on grass – bare earth, rock or concrete is fine, but I really like the feeling of grass.

When I stand barefoot on the Earth I create a two-way energy exchange, drawing up strength from the Earth, and sending love and appreciation back. The Earth is also a fantastic etheric composting unit. Any low vibrational thoughts and feelings I want to release, I just stand on the Earth and release it all down through the soles of my feet into the ground with gratitude to the Earth. She can transmute emotional gunk just as she would transform a slimy rotting lettuce into lovely nutrient-rich compost.

The perfect therapy session is to stand barefoot on the Earth (or in socks if it is cold). Have a good cry, feel all that pain, fear, anger and self-pity in all its glory. Let it all well up, feel it, then release it all out into the Earth. I used to worry about gunking up the Earth by doing this, but in this case energy is energy, and all energy is food to the Earth. Pour out your pain as an offering, and it will be used by the Earth and transmuted.

Just the simple act of making contact with the ground allows you to release built up electrical charges caused by our indoor lifestyles surrounded by synthetic materials and electronics. This in itself is enough reason to stand on the ground. I just like to take it to the next level by releasing emotions and also by breathing the strong, vital energy of the Earth up through the soles of my feet. I get a calm, secure feeling from doing this. I imagine roots spreading from the soles of my feet deep into the Earth and merging with her. I am a part of the Earth after all, I am one of her creatures.

I send love and gratitude back to the Earth. My soul would not be able to experience the valuable lessons that can only be learned by being in physical incarnation if it were not for the Earth providing the perfect conditions and supplying me with oxygen and food. The Earth is often exploited and taken for granted, so she needs all the love and care we can give her.

Years ago I attended a dance workshop where the teacher invited us to caress the Earth with our feet. I love that idea. Energy flows through us and out the chakras in the soles of our feet (there are lots more chakras than the usual main seven you see on wall charts). This is the original reason people sit at the feet of a guru – the energy is the strongest there. It is possible while standing or walking on the Earth to feel your foot chakras open and love and energy flowing down into the Earth. I sometimes like to turn my attention to this if I am going for a walk. Of course I usually have shoes on to walk, but the energy can still pass through the soles of the shoes. It just doesn’t allow for the release of electrical charge that bare feet do.

A walk around the block takes on another dimension when I am sending love into the Earth with every step. I visualise the energy of love spreading through the ground and positively affecting all who live upon the planet. All life forms, plants, fish, animals and people. The love rising out of of the ground in cities around the world, deserts, forests, farms, suburbs and oceans, and nourishing everyone.

It’s much better than walking along ruminating about my problems and annoyances, and is a way of ‘task layering’ my exercise with a visualisation session. And hey, it might help the planet. I’m sure it helps the planet.

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