If you admire a quality in a person, then that person is mirroring that quality to you. If you did not possess that quality yourself, it is unlikely you would notice it in the other person.

When I found out about this phenomenon, I became aware of it playing out in a way I had never noticed before. When I paid attention, it became apparent that if I received a compliment on my appearance, it would come from a person who I thought looked good. Comments about me being strong came from those whose strength amazes me. The people who I think are hilarious are the very ones who say I crack them up.

Look around you at the beautiful and amazing people (and animals!) in your life. What is it you love about them? Their sunshiney nature, ability to make you smile, their kindness, calmness, strength, enthusiasm, talent, beauty?

If you are noticing that quality, then you have that within you. Noticing and appreciating it in another will develop it in you. Whatever you place your attention on grows. Allow yourself to let your love and admiration flow towards this wonderful person or animal in your life and then get ready to bask in the light that shines back on you, revealing this admirable quality within yourself.

And don’t get sucked into the false humility game. Humility is not refusing to acknowledge that you are magnificent. Humility is simply recognising that other people are magnificent too.


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